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Flying under the radar with manufactured housing communities

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

At New World Advisors, we are continuously scouring the investment landscape for compelling investment opportunities. Our deep business networks and combined years of investment experience afford us access to premier strategies for consideration. To this point, we believe the Manufactured Housing sector exhibits exciting long-term attributes and can play a valuable role in a diversified client portfolio.

Manufactured Housing Communities (“MHCs”), and more specifically Mobile Home Parks, offer the rare combination of:

1. Strong expected returns - highly fragmented niche market opportunity with robust demand and limited institutional ownership

2. Portfolio diversification - recession resistant characteristics and historically not correlated with either public equity markets or other real estate investments

3. Positive social impact - providing residents with a safe and affordable place to be proud to live

Further illuminating this point, below please find a recent J.P. Morgan table that independently highlights the compelling characteristics of the Manufactured Housing sector. Please focus your attention on the two columns furthest to the right. Over the prior 10 years going back to 2009, Manufactured Housing has been the best performing and most consistent real estate sector, returning over 22% on an annualized basis, while also generating the least volatility in those returns. Therefore, from both an absolute and risk-adjusted return perspective, manufactured housing is a desirable investment category.

We believe MHCs will continue to fly under the radar of many investors. Therefore, the trend for this attractive opportunity should continue given the secular tailwinds supporting the need for affordable “workforce” housing (aging demographics– baby boomers retiring), the limited availability of skilled operators, and the fragmented nature (many family owned “Mom-and-Pop” parks) of park ownership. Lastly, the category has traditionally exhibited recession-resistant characteristics because home pad rental fees are relatively nominal, and as a result, demand remains consistent throughout the economic cycle.

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